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Making Poverty Temporary...NOT a Lifestyle...

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Welcome to AlongSide U!

From Samuel & Ginger McLean

AlongSide U was established out of a sincere desire 

to empower families to grow. 

When parents grow... children grow.  

Low-income children caught in their parents' economic struggles experience the impact through unmet needs, poor nutrition, low-quality schools, and unstable circumstances. 

We love family, and community! Community is far more than an aggregation of individuals. Community is a unified body of people. Being a part of a community can make us feel as though we are a part of something greater than ourselves. It can give us goals, and develops an increased sense of social responsibility. Families that are able to live in already existing communities, have a far greater chance of breaking barriers, and cyclical poverty mentality.  

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity, and support to strive to reach their highest potential/the best they can be in life.  We recognize that everyones "highest potential" is different, we embrace that, and believe there is beauty in that difference. 


Having a combined total of 30 yrs experience as EMTs in a major Metropolitan area, we have witnessed some of life’s tragedies. The residual effect of poverty, domestic violence, drug/alcohol abuse, and homelessness is a continuing problem. We believe our approach in combating these issues should not be simply reactive, but anticipatory.